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Proof & Client Success Stories

There are 2 parts to this page. The first part (the top) is going to give you a background on some of the results I have generated within my coaching business.

Then below my videos, you are going to find some client case studies & screenshots from clients who have posted in our private Facebook groups.

Proof Of Investing $1,201,598.10 In My Facebook Ads Accounts

Proof Of Getting 5,245 Strategy Session (Coaching) Applications

How Natalie (A Love Coach) Went From Spending $10k On Facebook Ads To Making $5k (Losing 50%) To Building A Multiple Six Figure Coaching Business. Update 2023: Natalie Is Now Averaging $100,000 Per Month In Sales.
How Beth Hit $30,000 A Month In Coaching Income Helping Women Who Have Been Victims Of Infidelity

How Heather Grew Her Coaching Business To $16,000 Per Month Coaching People To Overcome Plantar Fasciitis.

Sid Walker – Call Reluctance coach made over $100,000 just from email alone, now has a 7 figure business

Amanda Moxley – Niched down her messaging, made $25K in her first month after getting through the training, then had a $22K week!

Jen – Network Marketing And Facebook Ads Coach.

Lynn – Help’s Autistic Graduates Increases Independence With Their Families. 

Dani – Nutrition And Weight Loss Coach Who Helps Women Age 35+.

Steve – Master Coach Who Help’s People Get Rid Of Their Pain And Medications.

Kaitlyn – Coaches Local Business How To Compete Online.
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Gita – Divorce & Transition Coach.

Lynn – Help Widows Who Are Feeling Stuck And Ready To Create A New Life After Losing Their Partner.

Susan – Marriage & Relationship Coach For Over 25 Years.

Kris – Sexual Abuse Recovery Coach For Christian Women. 

Don – A Coach Who Help’s Women Decide If They Should Say Or Leave Their Marriage.

Joe Staszak – Men’s Fitness & Mindset Coach For High Performers

How Lisa Has Grown Her Coaching Business 1000% (10X) Since Starting With My Coaching & How She Just Had A RECORD Month While Being 8mths Pregnant & Only Works 4hrs A Day:

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Here’s a link to Lisa’s site

How Michelle Rankin Went From Zero To Over $10k Per Month In One Of The Most Over-Saturated Health Coaching Niches Online:

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How Michelle (A Health Coach) Turned $400 In Facebook Ad Spend Into $6k In New Coaching Income PLUS Another $3k By Email — All In A Month! (And Did So In The Over-Saturated “Health” Coaching Niche):

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How David Is Building A Successful Coaching Business In The ULTRA COMPETITIVE “Life Coaching” Niche & How He Transitioned From Getting Clients “Offline” To “Online”:

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How Jen Took Her Business Online Which Is In One Of The HARDEST MARKETS ONLINE & Then Built A Coaching Program Around It And Did $14,000 In Sales From ONE Email For Her New Coaching Program With No Website. Then ended the month at about $24,000 in sales!

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Since that interview Jen’s not only maintained her new numbers but has kept hitting NEW RECORD MONTHS.. 

How John went from $0 to $17k Per Month In His Coaching/Consulting Business With Facebook Ads In A Hyper Competitive Coaching/Consulting Niche:

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How Terry A Relationship Coach Increased Her Coaching Fees 5X, Increased Her Conversion Rate AND Is Getting Great Results With Facebook Ads In A SUPER COMPETITIVE Market:

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Before And After RESULTS… 

I wanted to make sure I give you some interviews that were recorded in the past. The reason for this is because under each of the pictures you will see an update of the progress they have made over the LONG TERM! Because the cool thing is – not only do these strategies work for getting your business to the next level… They work for KEEPING your business at the next level AND taking it even further!

How Dan Went From $0 To $20k Per Month:

***IMPORTANT*** This interview was recorded in 2013 as Dan started working with me in the later part of 2012. Since the interview his businesses are now doing over $50,000 per MONTH and Dan not only has a successful automated business but he’s also building a successful coaching business as well.

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How Michelle’s Coaching & Consulting Business Grew To $15k Per MONTH
(and she’s only spending $100 A MONTH on Facebook Ads!)

***IMPORTANT*** This interview was recorded at the start of 2015 as I started working with Michelle in the later part of 2014. Since then Michelle has kept growing her business and because of the strategies she is using she’s still using very little amounts of paid traffic and still bringing in six figures (+) a year and is still NOT putting in full-time hours!

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How Tonya & Michael Grew Their Coaching/Consulting Business To Record Months:

UPDATE: One Year After The Above Income Update, They Sent Me This Video

How Justin — A College Drop Out Realtor Makes As Much As $22,340.09 A MONTH Selling Homes Using My Strategies!

***IMPORTANT*** This interview was recorded in 2008 (you will see I had some hair still!) However, since then Justin has continued to grow his business and is still bringing in $200,000 (+) a year using a fraction of the strategies I taught him.

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Even More Screenshots, Comments, and Feedback!

Random Email From Client Who Hit $57K In Coaching Sales His First Full Month With A New Coaching Offer..