About us

Our Mission

Nyback Technology, Inc is a Canadian company that provides training and coaching to consultants around the world. We have been in business since 2005 and are based out of Cochrane, Alberta, Canada. 

We started out providing educational training to over 15 different markets such as gardening, recreational vehicles & martial arts. Then in 2007 we moved into the coaching industry and started helping business owners get clients using online marketing strategies.

Experienced and Invested

Since the beginning, we have focused on client & sales acquisition mainly through “paid online traffic” such as Google ads, Facebook ads, Linkedin ads, Twitter ads, YouTube ads, Banner ads & other lesser-known paid traffic platforms.

Over the years we have invested millions of dollars into these platforms to acquire clients. We have worked to achieve a multitude of proven systems that we use to help clients build their business.

Through a lot of hard work, testing, and investing millions of dollars into online advertising, we have established ourselves as the leader in supporting coaching & consultants attract affluent clients online.

Our Core Values

We run our business by a very specific set of core values:

1: Clients come first! We believe that serving our clients are the most important thing we can do. They are the purpose of our business.

2: We only provide the best training! Any time we help clients, it has to be with the best training possible.